Should you really try Tryptophan sleep aid?

Sleep holds great importance in a person’s life, be it an adult, a child or an old person. It is crucial for everyone to get their quality sleep every night, or else it may result in the person suffering from various medical issues. The inability to sleep is medically known as insomnia, and it needs to be countered otherwise you might undergo the consequences of it in your life. If you are someone who suffers from this condition daily, then you might always be looking for a solution to this problem. First and foremost it is very important to consult a doctor whenever you experience something weird regarding your health. However, you do not need to worry because there are a lot of solutions to this condition and one of the most trusted one amongst them is “ Tryptophan sleep aid.”

What is Tryptophan?

Tryptophan is an amino acid which helps in adjusting tempers as it does not only have the ability to create, but it also helps in balancing certain hormones present in the human body. Enriching the body with the foods that are rich in tryptophan not only helps you to relax but it also takes strong action in order to burn the fats. Tryptophan plays a key role in delivering hormones which are responsible for your growth.

Tryptophan is an amino acid

Tryptophan is an amino acid

Amino acids are also known as the building blocks of the body. The body is unable to produce the amino acids. Therefore it is crucial to obtain it through food. Scientists have come up with a view that the taking in of certain food increases the feeling of dizziness in a person, which is why people often complain about feeling tired after eating. To solve this problem people take various steps, for example, eating peanut butter before bed. Foods which cause drowsiness include milk, turkey, etc. On the other hand, the important and basic sources of tryptophan are eggs, cheese, fish, and chicken.

Majority people make use of tryptophan in order to manage their sleeping disorders in a natural way. But, if you experience that your sleeping disorders are chronic and not normal, then it is highly advised to first consult your doctor rather than taking things in your own hands. Try not to do this when it comes to your health, making an appointment with the doctor is far better.

 Benefits of tryptophan

  • Helps improve the quality of sleep

There are solid proves out there which support the fact that tryptophan helps in sleeping which further leaves a positive impact on your health. Not getting enough sleep can result in various problems for example; depression, not being able to concentrate, reduction in motor coordination, poor memory, increased weight, muscle aches, fatigue and much more. Tryptophan helps solve all these issues, and in addition to that, it is a natural way to improve the condition of insomnia and sleep apnea. You don’t have to take in any pills which often come which side effects for you to deal with. Although there are certain foods which help in solving the problem of insomnia but it has been shown that treating sleeping problems with tryptophan through the consumption of supplements proves to be much more effective.

Foods rich of tryptophan

Foods rich of tryptophan

  • Lifts your moods and reduces anxiety and depression

Tryptophan helps a person to have a good night’s sleep. It has proven to be quite beneficial when it comes to dealing with issues such as extreme depression, anxiety and all the other problems which arise when a person feels very stressful and is unable to relax his/her mind. There have been a lot of studies which have shown that once tryptophan enters into your body, it can also change into calming serotonin in the brain. As a result, it makes a person feel relaxed and tension free, this takes place due to the reduction in the release of stress hormones. It has also been seen that tryptophan when consumed with the combination of 5 HTP supplements also serves as antidepressants.

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  • Helps in recovering from addictions

In addition to the combination of relaxing, anxiety reducing amino acids and herbs, for example, tryptophan and 5 HTP have shown how effective it is when it comes to helping people fight their addictions due to the creation and deliverance of serotonin and melatonin. Although there are a lot of ways and rehab centers which help you while you are in the process of quitting a certain addiction of yours, for example, smoking, what tryptophan does at this point is that helps control the impulses in a much better and natural way. It does not only make your body free from it, but it also makes your brain free from its urge.

  • Reduces fatigue and migraine

According to research which was carried out it has been made known to people that when there is lack of tryptophan, then there is a very high possibility that the pains of headaches and migraines increases, and it worsens the situation of nausea and sleeping disorders. This is a common problem which is experienced by those who undergo migraines quite often.

Reduces fatigue and migraine

Reduces fatigue and migraine

The increased level of serotonin is very helpful and acts as a natural remedy for curing headaches, migraines, inability to face light for too long, digestions disorders and other forms of pain. There was a study which was carried out in one of the universities of psychology which showed that after almost 5 to 8 hours of taking in a drink which is full of a good 19 different types of amino acids for example tryptophan, proves to be the factor responsible for an obvious reduction in the symptoms of migraine.


Getting a good night’s sleep leaves a very positive impact on your health and life. There are a lot of people around you who might be suffering from a condition where they are unable to sleep. It may result from diseases or the sleeping patterns of the person. All those suffering from lack of sleep or poor sleep can try tryptophan sleep aid to get a good night sleep and wake up relaxed and active.


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