Pillow for combination sleepers

The Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers

The Difficulty Travelers Face 

As you nod off on a train or bus, your neck lacks support and falls one way or the other. This can result in painful kinks. You wake up miserable and have days of pain as a result.

We have all been there. What makes a difference between a miserable traveler and a happy traveler is a good travel neck pillow!

As someone who travels frequently for work, I have tried many travel neck pillows. Many of them did not do the job sufficiently. I was about to give up when I decided to embark on a journey to find the perfect travel neck pillow.  

In this article, you will learn what a travel neck pillow needs to provide. You will also find a few options that really work.  

Enjoy traveling now!

Best Travel Neck Pillow Comparison Chart 2019







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12 oz



Memory Foam

​7 oz



Memory Foam

12.8 oz



Shredded Memory Foam

1​0.4 oz

Compact Pillow

Travel Neck Pillow Reviews

1. Trtl Travel Neck Pillow

Trtl Travel Neck Pillow

Trtl Travel Neck Pillow

Overview: Typically travel neck pillows look like donuts, but this one is an inconspicuous scarf that wraps around your neck with a supportive rib inside of it. It saves space and feels extra comfortable. Scientifically proven to provide superior neck support, it holds your neck upright to prevent soreness.  The super soft fleece material is both warm and pleasing on your skin. It is available in red, coral, charcoal, and black so you can find your unique style. Finally, it attaches to your luggage handle for easy transport.  
Best for: travelers, cold climates  
Features: soft fleece, supportive rib, scarf design, weighs half a pound, easy to transport, takes up little space  
Pros: Looks attractive, takes up little space, very warm, very comfortable  
Cons: Can be too hot in warm months, easy to lose
Review: Say good-bye to bulk with this lightweight neck pillow! I felt like I was just wearing a scarf. I was skeptical because of its scarf design, but when I nodded off on the train during winter, I was amazed to find it actually supported my neck and I woke up pain-free. I loved the coral color and found that the color options could match my outfits. It made me look and feel good at once, without the bulky and embarrassing discomfort of some huge donut around my neck.

2. Huzi Design Infinity Pillow

Huzi Design Infinity Pillow

Huzi Design Infinity Pillow

Overview: This machine washable travel neck pillow has an innovative infinity symbol design that promotes maximum comfort while traveling. Made of high-quality soft bamboo fabric, which is comparable to wool or silk in softness, it provides a balance of support and softness. You can wrap it any which way to get your ultimate comfort. You can also use it during sleep to achieve many sleep positions without discomfort. Use for your chin, back, or arms as well as your neck.  
Best for: travelers, combination sleepers
Features: Soft bamboo material, imported, first of its kind with an infinity shape, moldable, machine washable
Pros: Can be washed,    
Cons: Bulkier than others, only available in dark blue color
Review: Huzi outdid themselves in my opinion. This pillow is like a shroud of soft comfort around your neck. I could adjust it as I needed to suit different sleep arrangements while traveling, which gave me the versatility I need in a travel neck pillow. I didn’t find it suffocating, overheating, or constricting in any way. I could feel the quality when I unpacked it and I enjoy using it every trip.

3. Travelrest Inflatable Neck/Body Pillow

Travelrest Inflatable Neck/Body Pillow

Travelrest Inflatable Neck/Body Pillow

​Overview: This pillow is innovative in its crossbody design. It replaces the armrest, seat belt, or other uncomfortable “pillow” by lying across your body and supporting your neck properly. It also keeps your head from falling forward, which is always a source of great pain while traveling.  It is adjustable with a unique ergonomic design. You can save space by inflating and deflating it and by tethering it to armrests or seats.  
Best for: travelers, neck pain, back pain
Features: adjustability, lateral support, tethers to seats, inflatable, washable
Pros: Adjustable, won’t let your head fall forward, easy to wash  
Cons: Won’t stay in place all of the time
Review: This pillow’s lateral support helped me fall asleep on a long plane ride to Japan. I found it supported my neck and didn’t let my head fall forward, as promised. It did slip off my shoulder once, startling me awake. I love how it deflates and can be rolled up, not unlike an air mattress. It is comfortable and let me sleep in peace! It attached easily to the wings of my plane seat.

4. Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Kit

Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Kit

Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Kit

​Overview: In the classic donut shape, this is a timeless travel neck pillow that offers superior comfort for light sleepers and travelers. Its memory foam material makes it ideal for sleeping in comfort. It supports the neck without letting your head fall forward or backward or sideways. It is soft and has adjustable toggles to prevent the suffocating or choking feeling. It can be deflated into a compact bag that is included.  
Best for: light sleepers, travelers,  
Features: soft memory foam, adjustable toggles, donut ring shape, carrying bag
Pros: adjustable, easy to carry compact, soft material, inflates to a customizable size, great neck support
Cons: larger once inflated, not attractive
Review: This pillow enabled me to enjoy flights and train rides again. It is large and goofy-looking, but does its intended job well. I loved its versatility and how I could toggle it into the looseness or tightness I needed. I also enjoyed how it folds into a little bag, making it easy to carry around without effort or issues. 

5. GoSleep Pillow Travel Kit

GoSleep Pillow Travel Kit

GoSleep Pillow Travel Kit

​Overview: A travel kit complete with a mask and a memory foam pillow, this is a great way to fall asleep in any crowded, busy, and noisy plane, train, or car. You can sleep by day or night. The eye mask has an adjustable cord. The pillow is lightweight and can fold into compact size for easy carrying. Together, these work to prevent glare, head bob, and other issues that afflict travelers.  
Best for: travelers, night car passengers, neck pain
Features: Shredded memory foam, blocks out light, adjustable cord on mask, easy to fold and carry pillow
Pros: Soft, blocks out light, prevents neck from tipping forward  
Cons: Cord snaps easily, gets hot thanks to memory foam, not machine washable
Review: This kit is what any traveler needs in my opinion. I loved being able to shut out glare with the eye mask. It helped block out oncoming headlights during my long car ride to Georgia. It also offers a lot of soft, comfortable support. I found the pillow got a bit hot and sweaty, which was a downside. It is not washable but I think it’s high quality for the price. 

Best Travel Neck Pillow Buyer’s Guide

​If you are at a loss how to find a travel neck pillow, this guide will help you learn what to look for!

Loft (Thickness)

​The size of your neck and the way you sit determine what you need as far as thickness. Too thick will kink your neck. Look for something that fits perfectly into the space between your neck and shoulder. You may take measurements to figure this out.


​A travel neck pillow that is too soft won’t offer the neck support and spinal alignment you need to make traveling more comfortable. One that is too hard (the most common problem in this market) will feel terrible, like a collar. You want something in between that offers support without hardness.


A good travel neck is easy to transport

A good travel neck is easy to transport

​You don’t have much room and desire for something heavy and large. A good travel neck is easy to transport. Some come in space-saving donut shapes while others offer a scarflike design. Some are even inflatable with little pumps.  


​Your budget is something you must bear in mind while shopping for a travel neck pillow. You don’t want to sacrifice quality by going too cheap or break the wallet by purchasing something extremely expensive.  
Amazon makes it easy to compare prices, warranties, and quality. You will likely find something within your budget that meets your needs on the marketplace. 


​Quality is reflected in the material, as well as the product’s ability to offer comfort without going flat or feeling too firm. There are many travel neck pillow brands out there, but only some offer the quality you deserve. Search customer reviews and don’t just go by price. 


​Traveling has never been touted for its comfort. From trains to planes to long car rides, your neck gets sore from staying in an upright, unnatural position. Having a travel neck pillow can really relieve that discomfort and make your trip better.  
So start shopping for the best travel neck pillow today.

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