A Detailed Pillow Buying Guide For You

A general view of people is that in order to ensure a good night’s sleep it is very important for the mattress to be soft and comfortable, but they often ignore the fact that the pillows on which you place your head at night are equally important. Every once in a while you might have woken up in the morning with fatigue in your head, ache in your neck and of course feeling all muzzy. Well, this unrest which you feel is caused by the type of pillow you use.

It is crucial for your pillow to be perfect as it is responsible for providing the required support for your head as well as the neck; therefore it needs to be super long lasting when it comes to the quality. It does not matter whether the pillow is filled with soft feathers or not, what’s important at this point is for you to understand how to get a perfect pillow while you’re shopping for a new one or getting rid of the previous one. Here is a pillow buying guide to assist you:

1.   It is crucial to know the fill

It is quite common for pillows to be down feathers, foam and of course synthetic fibers. However, the ones which have proved to be the most reliable in terms of quality and them being long running are the goose down feathers, although they are a little more expensive.

Pillows are equally important

Pillows are equally important

  • If you want a slightly cheaper one in terms of price but are quite good with their quality, then synthetic fiber pillows will be perfect as they are washable, not likely to cause any allergy and are soft.
  • On the other hand for those who do not like soft pillows than Tempur Pedic is just the right choice as they have quite strong and firm support. However, it keeps the heat within; therefore if you sweat a lot, then this might not be suitable for you.

     2.   Considering the thread counts

In this case, you just have to keep one rule in your mind which is that the more the threads counts in pillows, the more hard-wearing and luxurious it will end up feeling. While according to a study it has been made quite known that pillows which have a size of 20” by 26” and a thread count of about 300 prove to be better in terms of the softness and price friendly.

On the other hand, if you do not care about how pricy the pillow is and you just want it to be and feel luxurious, then pillows with a thread count of almost 500-800 are the ones for you. There are pillows out there with a thread count of 1000, but for that, you have to spend quite a lot of money.

Considering the thread counts

Considering the thread counts

    3.   The fluff factor of a pillow

The long-lasting quality and better protection of a pillow can easily be determined by its fluffiness. If a pillow is fluffy, then it ensures that air can pass through it quite easily. On the other hand, if there is a pillow which seems dead due to the flat surface overall, then this signifies that there is no space in it for fresh air to pass through. Further, it makes it even more clear that it is no longer suitable to be kept in your bed for your head to rest on it.

A very easy way to see whether a pillow is fluffy or not is that you need to fold the pillow and wait to see if it unfolds on its own or not, or you can even punch in it to see whether it gains back its shape. If it fails to pass the test then you need to keep on looking for another one and choose pillows that don’t go flat.

  4.   Recognize the time for a replacement

You have to stop believing that your pillow will last you a lifetime. It is not true. Therefore you have to keep a notice on its quality by looking out for any sinking and clotting etc. If you have a fiber pillow then in order to check its quality you can fold it in half and put a book on it if the pillow is fine then it will gain back its original shape otherwise it will not, and that’s a sign for you to get a new one. Foam pillows which are granular or do not come to their shape easily also need to be thrown away.

Recognize the time for a replacement

Recognize the time for a replacement

  5.   Your sleeping position

The position in which you sleep at night also helps you to find out which type of pillow will work best for you. For example, if you are someone who is used to of sleeping on their back then you need to buy a pillow which will give higher support to your head as well as your chin, they are the factors responsible for your breathing and snoring process. The people who sleep on their sides require thick pillows whereas the ones who sleep on their stomachs will be needing a thin one. This shows in order to find the right pillow for yourself you need to know your sleeping position.


Studies have shown that human beings spend at least one-third of their life in their beds, so the need for a good pillow is quite obvious from this. It is generally seen how every now and then people visit their doctors to find the reason behind the constant pain in their neck and back, in most cases the reason behind it is a bad choice of pillows. However certain medical conditions are also responsible for such unrest, which is why consulting a doctor is better than making assumptions. There are different types of pillows being offered in the market, which ends up making it an even difficult choice. Till then, try changing your pillow by taking help from this article as it has laid out for you a reliable pillow guide and will help you look for the most comfortable pillow.

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