Which is the Most comfortable pillow to sleep?

Whenever someone thinks about pillows, the first thought which comes to their mind must be the soft texture, smoothness and of course the level of ease of physical pain it provides. A person while looking for a pillow keeps the factor of comfort as his/her topmost priority and why not, who doesn’t want that. There are a lot of different types of pillows in the market; choosing one is not an easy task. However, comfort is not the only important factor which needs to be kept in mind, the supporting quality of the pillow also needs to be considered, especially for the ones who are used to of sleeping on their sides. Choosing a pillow which will prove it to be the most comfortable one depends on a lot of factors, which include your personal choice as well as what will work best in your case. A good pillow buying guide will save time:

1.   Hip supporting knee pillow

When you place a pillow in between your legs, right in the knee area, then this helps in keeping the hips in proper arrangement. The proper alignment of your hip is as important as the position of your neck; it’s also one of the factors responsible for the spine area. If the alignment is not right then, it may cause severe pain in your back and other muscles of the body.

Hip supporting knee pillow

Hip supporting knee pillow

You are required to give equal importance to the knee pillow as you give to the neck pillows, by keeping in mind the amount of pressure which will be asserted on the pillow at night. Therefore it better be a one which is strong and cannot be easily be crushed.

2.   Stomach and back supporting pillows

For those who sleep on their sides know how relaxing it can be, but it is also a position which is responsible for causing stress as you have been in control of your side the whole night without any support, as compared to stomach and back sleepers who do have one. In this case what helps best is placing a comfortable pillow behind your back or in the front of your stomach area so that you don’t have to worry about holding the position, as the support you need is already there. The most comfortable pillows for the above-mentioned sleepers are the ones which are strong in terms of quality and cannot be easily demolished due to body pressure.

3.   Down pillows

Down pillows are considered to be one of the most comfortable pillows out in the market because of the softness of their filling. They are filled with down feathers which are made up of the inner coat of a bird, and the thing which is quite exciting is that they can be brought in shape by simply punching them. Air can easily travel through them, which make it even more comfortable for the people who sleep on their stomach. The best thing about them is that it has no smell of any sort of chemicals, but they need to be bungled in order to bring them back to shape. Although they lack in providing the support which is needed by those who suffer from neck and shoulder pains but there are other factors which make them quite comfortable, as mentioned above.

The softness of down pillows's filling

The softness of down pillows’s filling

4.   Feather pillows

Feather pillows are the pillows which are made up by using the outer coat of a bird, just like the quill. They are equally comfortable and relaxing like the pillows made up of the inner coat of a bird. They too can be brought into shape by mere striking. Just like down pillows they do not have any bad smell, in fact, any smell at all. However, whenever you move them in order to change your position at night, it makes a slight sound and some people find that to be a bit disturbing. Sometimes you might be discomforted due to the quills in them. Keeping that aside, they are very comfortable and relaxing when it comes to the needed support.

Most comfortable pillows available in the market

Comfortable pillows available in the market

Comfortable pillows available in the market

Out in the market, there are some pillows which have specifically been made while keeping the above-mentioned things in mind. They prove the person using them, utmost comfort and allows you to relax. Following are examples of such pillows:

  • Shredded hypo allergic memory foam pillow:

This pillow has been specially designed to cater to all type of sleeping positions and that too without having to adjust oneself throughout the night. What makes it even better is that you can take the foam out of it and adjust it according to your own liking, making it a customized pillow. If you are someone suffering from shoulder or neck strains, then this is just the one for you, as it will help you get rid of it. It ensures a good night’s sleep without having to wake up every now and then due to discomfort.

  • Luxury plush gel pillow:

These luxury plush gel pillows are made up of such amazing fibers that it almost leaves behind all other ordinary pillows. They have been made to ensure comfort throughout the night, no matter what position you are used to of sleeping in. You might be surprised to know that these pillows are dust and chemical free, which makes It safe for kid’s usage as well. They have proven to be beneficial for people suffering from certain medical conditions such as asthma, allergies and respiratory diseases. Therefore they come in handy even if you are suffering from any medical condition.

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As soon as you lay your head on these pillows, you will immediately fall asleep, that’s how comforting they are. The makers are absolutely sure of the pillow’s quality. You don’t even have to worry about washing them in a machine, and they are easy to clean.


It is advised for side sleepers to use such pillows which do not only provide support to their heads but their necks as well so that they do not wake up in the morning with pain in their backs. When you lay down your head on the pillow and are still in the state of unrest, then this needs to go right away otherwise there will no longer be the concept of quality sleep left in your life. The type of pillow plays a key role in this case. Always choose the most comfortable pillow as per your sleeping position.

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